Trombinoscope Contacts Pro

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Trombinoscope Contacts Pro
Trombinoscope Contacts Pro

Formally Trombinoscope Extended

Show your contacts in a grid-like fashion. This is the perfect tool to represent business collaborators, organisations, school students, sports teams or any information that makes sense in a directory. 


  • filter contacts by categories, tags, keywords to create grid-like pages of contacts,
  • choose from a large selection of sort orders,
  • discover more ways to present single contacts (columns or tab layouts),
  • use modifiable themes to represent each contact,
  • show contact information with labels or icons and specify which information is accessible (some fields can be shown as icons only),
  • link contacts to views, external links, specific menu item,
  • create menu items (grid or list) to add pagination, alphabetic, category and tags index, inline search and print, sort,
  • override layouts created for tags, icons and index,
  • use the module (free to try!) to show specific contacts, logged user or related contacts/content (through keywords or tags),
  • extend the standard contact information with new fields (social media, map links, gender, birthdate, company, department...),
  • modify the standard form output (labels, extra identity field and multiple subject fields, auto-response),
  • allow registered users to modify their contact information from the public site on their user profile,
  • crop, filter and add effects to the contact pictures,
  • create high resolution thumbnails for crisp display on high pixel ratio screens (like Retina displays),
  • show contact pictures in smart search results,
  • import contacts from CSV,
  • improve page loading times by removing whitespaces from the HTML output, caching contact pictures, styles and scripts generated by the component.

Additional Features

  • adaptability to screen sizes (paysage-style cards can turn into portrait-mode under a certain size),
  • email obfuscation (to hide them from spambots),
  • internationalization,
  • name format,
  • address format with linking to Google Maps,
  • improved vcards that target personal or business profiles,
  • mobile-ready (touched phone numbers trigger direct calls),
  • carousel capabilities for module instances,
  • 100% CSS-based layouts,
  • SEO-ready code.