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Article Details Profiles
Article Details Profiles

Use the full power of the Joomla! framework to create multiple configurations and design separate article details for different areas of your site.


  • use the plugin's syntax to target individual articles,
  • setup multiple configurations (by creating module instances) and modify article, category blog and featured articles blog header and footer layouts,
  • show different layouts and information depending on user access, language and for specific menu items,
  • choose which information will be shown by each layout (hits, author, rating, dates, times, categories, keywords, tags, email, print, jcomments count…),
  • hot show custom fields (Joomla 3.7 and over),
  • further control what information is shown by setting options to articles,
  • combine information elements using text and icons to produce elaborate sentences,
  • link keywords to search results, link tags to tag views,
  • add image, icon or an optional calendar representation (choose from multiple styles),
  • use on multi-language sites,
  • override the CSS for display and print,
  • use mobile features,
  • cache the produced stylesheets for better performance.