Bare 960 Responsive

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Bare 960 Responsive
Bare 960 Responsive

Multi-purpose template, designed to be easily modifiable and a base for building fluid templates in a responsive environment.
Built like Cassiopeia, so if you are familiar with the core template, you'll be familiar with Bare 960 Responsive in no time.

This website (and all our projects) is built with Bare 960 Responsive.


  • based on Bootstrap 5, packaged with Joomla,
  • optional slide pane with hamburger menu,
  • optional scroll indicator,
  • possible use of breakpoints for the logo (show different logos for different screen sizes),
  • fix the main menu on scroll,
  • GDPR compliant web fonts (when selecting Bunny fonts),
  • available Bootstrap 2 styles for backward compatibility with pages that contain Bootstrap 2.3.2 classes (label, badge, alerts, buttons, tables).