• Commit to be fit

    Commit to be fit

    cardio fitness
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  • Move it or lose it

    Move it or lose it

    cardio fitness
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  • Push yourself

    Push yourself

    cardio fitness
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  • The Price of Excellence is discipline

    The Price of Excellence is discipline

    cardio fitness
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  • Hustle to gain more muscle

    Hustle to gain more muscle

    weight training
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  • No Pain. No Gain

    No Pain. No Gain

    weight training
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  • Fitness is not a destination it is a way of life

    Fitness is not a destination it is a way of life

    fitness weight training
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  • Willpower knows no obstacles

    Willpower knows no obstacles

    weight training
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Spinning loader

There are a few key settings that need to be properly set in order to get a responsive, mobile-ready module instance.

Step 1

Selecting the items

In this example, a few features are demoed:

  • once clicked, the article disappears from the list of items in the module instance (Exclude current item),
  • all articles are shown, even the ones that are only visible to registered users (Unauthorized items).

Finally, it is necessary to order the items by category to properly show category labels on the first item for each new category.

Exclude current item yes
Unauthorized items show
Category order order asc


Step 2

Setting the configuration/layout

The module instance is shown in a position of the template that is taking most of the template's width, therefore the best suitable configuration is horizontal (in older versions) or row in the layout tab.

Step 3

Preparing individual elements

To show images above the text, the best starting layout style is full width.

Each element has a width of 300px, a reasonable size when it comes to show the module on mobile devices.
It is important to keep the width in pixels in order to let the animation script handle the resizing and ensure the instance will show properly, no matter the size of the browser window.

Item width 300
Item width unit px
Style Full width


The head of each item is an image, which is fetched from the image intro parameter of each article.
The width is required to be the same as the size of the item when using the full width style.
Note that a white border has also been added to the images to add extra space between items (so it does not look as cramped).

Head type image intro
Head width 300
Head height 200


Step 4

Linking items

It was chosen to append the read more links to the text for this particular example.
Since registered content is previewed in this instance, the Unauthorized link label has to be filled up.

Link on appended text
Link to item
Link label Read the full story...
Unauthorized link label Login to read the full story...


Step 5

Setting the categories

Categories are visible over the image, with the default styling.
They are consolidated (showing only once instead of showing on each item). This is why categories need to be ordered (in step 1).

Position over picture
Style default
Consolidate yes
Description hide
Item count show


Step 6

Setting the detailed information

Showing the tags and the social media icons is as simple as selecting the right types from the body tab.

Show icon no
Prepend text  
Type tags


Show icon no
Prepend text  
Type share icons


Step 7

Styling the tags and share icons

Go to the Information tab and the Tags section.
Set the tag order desired and set Distinct to yes. Here, we set Use tag classes to yes. It takes the classes that are set up in the Tags component, at the tag item level.

Go to the Share icons section.
Set the color to Background, the Radius to 3 and select the social services you want to show. Here, we selected LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Step 8

Choosing the number of visible items

This is a major decision to make: it will serve as a base for animation and pagination to determine how many elements can show on the page.
As a rule, it is best to put the number of items that can be visible at once in the template, at its full size (assuming the template position can not expand indefinitely).
Here, the template can handle 4 items when fully extended, therefore the number of visible items is 4.

Visible items

Step 9

Setting the animation

The items need to scroll horizontally, but only with user interaction. That is why auto start is disabled.
Having an animation will allow for smooth scrolling and proper resizing on any device.

Animation scroll
Direction to left
Auto start no
Move one at a time


Step 10

Setting the pagination

The pagination is limited to arrows positioned around the items, opposed to having the pagination show above or below the items. It does not take any extra real estate. The styling is handled by Bootstrap and an offset of 50px is added for the arrows to show 50 pixels below the upper side of the module instance.

Pagination prev - next
Positioning around
Style Bootstrap
Size mini
Offset 50
Prev type <


Step 11

Making it look better

A couple of improvements have been made over the default style in order to render the category labels 'see-through'.

Before styling

/* make the category 'see-through' */
#lnee_164 .newshead .picture .catlink {
    opacity: .8;

Note 164 in #lnee_164 needs to be replaced with your module id.