Article Details

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Article Details
Article Details

Override article detailed information and show it in very flexible and different ways.


  • choose which categories can be altered by the plugin or use the plugin's syntax to individually target articles,
  • modify the article, blog/list (category) and featured views,
  • choose which elements to show (hits, author, rating - voting included, dates, times, categories, keywords, tags, links A..C, social, email and print links, jcomments count...) without overriding article default options,
  • use plain text to create elaborate combinations of elements,
  • use publish down dates to use standard articles as events,
  • link keywords for immediate search results (standard or smart search),
  • add an optional calendar representation,
  • override CSS for display and print,
  • cache the stylesheets for better performance,
  • use on multi-language sites...